Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013...And we're off!

2013...the beginning of a new year, new adventure, new start...whatever you hope this year brings, I wish it for you!

I missed getting gifts ready for my husband's co-workers. Actually, since he was new and this was his first Christmas at this job, he didn't know what to expect about gift-giving. So I'm making a new tradition: New Year's Day cookies!

[photos by Russell Cook]

Clocks, confetti, party dangles...snowmen and snowflakes with fireworks...and my favorite combination of white, pink, baby pink, gray and charcoal gray with sugar sparkles and sanding sugar and sugar confetti. Inspiration from Georgeanne here and from Callye here for designs. Both chocolate and vanilla bean sugar cookies. Three trays equalling roughly five dozen cookies. This was a fun set to design and implement and I felt much more relaxed working with them...not with the pressure I always feel right before Christmas.

I hope the library staff is hungry!

Happy New Year!

The Cookie Lady