Monday, September 30, 2013

Teaching is a Hoot!

I saw a tutorial by Marlyn at Montreal Confections that I couldn't wait to try -- my opportunity came when a friend from church asked me to make a tray of cookies to deliver to one of our local schools for a teacher appreciation event. I tried Marlyn's method of making transfers for the owl eyes and loved how easy it was - AND the cute effect it had on the cookie:

The orange pumpkins really stood out against the purple owls and made a very eye-catching tray. I needed a 'banner' cookie, so I used my Wilton comfort grip oak leaf cutter to cut a couple of cookies to write "Teaching is a Hoot!"
This is one of the best cookie sets I've ever done, and it was a lot of fun to design and implement.
The Cookie Lady

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Busy week!

I had two cookie orders this week, and both for little boys' birthday parties. The first request was for dinosaurs for a 5-year-old:

Fortunately, his mom provided a photo to me of the party plate and napkin so I could try to match colors - and his favorite color is ORANGE!

The second order was a Cookie Monster theme to fit in with the overall theme of Cookies. I had bought the cookie cutters for Cookie Monster and Elmo a few weeks ago, just to have on hand for 'someday':

These turned out so well, I couldn't believe it! My only boo-boo was when I messed up the street sign - I only intended to put Easton's name across the bottom but I was looking at "Sesame Street" and began spacing out the letters from the middle. After I had written the E-space-S-T, I realized what I was doing and had to change my plans. Anyway, I hope Easton enjoys these on his special day tomorrow !!!

Next week: a baby shower order!

The Cookie Lady

Monday, September 2, 2013

An Apple for Teacher

I'm not sure why we associate apples with teachers...apples keep us healthy? when we are healthy, we learn? teachers help us learn? Anyway, apples represent one of those signs of Autumn and is a favorite symbol of the season. I was asked to prepare a couple dozen cookies for the daughter-in-law of a church friend to present to her son's preschool teachers. There were two trays, very similar:

I hope the teachers enjoyed these as a 'sweet' beginning to their new school year!

The Cookie Lady

Ahhhh, Autumn is here...

and with it comes SEC football - in particular, Tennessee Vols football! To celebrate, and because it was my turn to bring breakfast treats to Sunday School, I made a tray of football cookies in vanilla and chocolate to accompany fruit and white powder doughnuts:

Included with the traditional orange and white was the new color of smoky gray [the Vols have new uniforms this year]. I'm very fond of the gray! The stadium is from a design courtesy of Ali at Ali Bee's Bakeshop. Not as cool as hers, but it will do.

So, in case I don't get around to it again....GO VOLS!!!!

The Cookie Lady