Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cookies without Photos

I had a couple of orders for Valentine's Day this year. And didn't take photos of either tray.

I had an order for the Readers' Theater parent reception this evening; the theme was "The Bremen Town Musicians"...nope, didn't even think of taking a photo of those, either.

I suppose blogging won't be any good without photos, will it?

How about this one:

These are tool cookies [similar to those I did for the Valentine tray] that went with all the dump trucks and hard hats I made for my grandson's birthday. I 'scribbled' them as I would with a crayon, adding to the childlike effect [my Little Man just turned two and has discovered he likes to use crayons...on paper, furniture and walls!].

Contrast that to another recent birthday tray I made that was "girly":

This was a first birthday party in pink, black & white, and I really enjoyed decorating these. Thank you, JulieAnn, for asking me to do them!

The Cookie Lady

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photography Credit

In my last post, I meant to give photography credit to my husband for all the photos posted on this blog [both present and future]. Russell is the REAL photographer in this household. If I can persuade him to keep doing this for me...I may not need a camera after all! :)

Thanks, Honey!!!!

The Cookie Lady

Easter's Coming!

Yesterday I enjoyed hosting a mini-class on decorating Spring cookies for some of my church friends. They had such fun and I was tickled to see how fast they caught on and how well they did! We worked on six Spring designs: bunny, tulip, daisy, butterfly, Easter egg, and the cross. After they left, I worked on these:

I love Easter - it's my favorite holiday, a special time to remember what Jesus did for me. And Spring reminds me of the rebirth I have in Him and because of Him.

Well, Easter will be here before you know it! For anyone who is interested, I'm offering cookie trays of a baker's dozen for $10 or 2 dozen for $15. These will look great on the dessert table or for placing near the children's table for your Easter lunch. You can use them as place setting decorations. They also make cheery gifts for family, friends, your church staff, Sunday School teachers, or any other special folks in your life. Your choice of sugar cookie flavors: Buttery Sweet Dough, Vanilla Bean, Lemon, Chocolate or Chocolate Mocha. Email me or send a Facebook message for more information or to order.

If you're busy...let me bake for you!

The Cookie Lady

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Party!

These sunburst vanilla bean sugar cookies were made for the birthday party of my co-worker's granddaughters, one child turning three, the other girl turning 5. The theme was "Rio" from the Disney movie, so we went with tropical colors to match:

Thank you for the order, Linda!

Party cookies come wrapped for presentation or can be individually wrapped in cellophane bags with ribbon closure to match your party's theme. Great for party favors or thank-you gifts!


Blogging is something I never thought I would do - and I may not do much of it. Although I admire others' blogs and their ability to communicate, I did not look at blogging as my 'outlet'. My purpose in beginning now is to display samples of my cookie designs for the benefit of friends, family, and customers. I hope this is useful and not boring. If you have any questions about order times, pricing, designs, etc., please contact me via my gmail account.

Bear with me as I learn to navigate Blogger!

This is one of the first trays I made for the public, for a thank you reception at the library where my husband works.

Then there was the Fourth of July picnic at church:

Guess I need to get a good digital camera for blogging! One thing leads to another...

The Cookie Lady