Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cookies without Photos

I had a couple of orders for Valentine's Day this year. And didn't take photos of either tray.

I had an order for the Readers' Theater parent reception this evening; the theme was "The Bremen Town Musicians"...nope, didn't even think of taking a photo of those, either.

I suppose blogging won't be any good without photos, will it?

How about this one:

These are tool cookies [similar to those I did for the Valentine tray] that went with all the dump trucks and hard hats I made for my grandson's birthday. I 'scribbled' them as I would with a crayon, adding to the childlike effect [my Little Man just turned two and has discovered he likes to use crayons...on paper, furniture and walls!].

Contrast that to another recent birthday tray I made that was "girly":

This was a first birthday party in pink, black & white, and I really enjoyed decorating these. Thank you, JulieAnn, for asking me to do them!

The Cookie Lady

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