Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday!

It's my birthday today and to celebrate with me, my clever co-workers had this made as my gift:

The design matches my business card logo exactly!!! I am so tickled with this apron! The embroidery was done by Debbie Chism at "Say It in Stitches" in Union City [apron was purchased there, too].

The girls also added a set of Wilton piping tips and a package of squeeze bottles for my little cookie hobby :) On top of all of that, Amy made a yellow butter double layer birthday cake with chocolate frosting [sorry you aren't here, Blair, to have a piece!].

A big THANK YOU to Amy, Lori, Linda and DeAnna for such a delightful gift!

The Cookie Lady


  1. What an awesome (and super cute) gift!!

  2. I DO have great co-workers! And yes, it is a super-awesome gift - and I hope I don't ever get it dirty!!