Friday, July 6, 2012

Monkeys & Bananas!

Again, my lack of blogging indicates how busy I've been lately. Not only have I been camped out in the kitchen, I've also spent a lot of time getting our house ready to sell in anticipation of a big move.

My latest cookie trays were made for a little guy celebrating his second birthday this weekend, and I love the theme his mama chose:

(photo credit: Amy Petty)

A mix of chocolate and vanilla sugar cookies to match the monkeys & bananas theme! Not having a suitable cutter for the bananas, I turned an elephant head cutter on its side -- which had plenty of room for the bananas -- and finished it out with banana leaves. It made for a sturdier [and larger] cookie.

Thank you, Amy, for the order!

The Cookie Lady


  1. Shanna, you make the sweetest and most adorable cookies! They are all so cute! I have enjoyed perusing many of your posts and loved them all.

    Fun stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. Thank you, Lorraine! Your blog posts with Scripture and the beautiful photos have meant so much to me during this time of 'change' in my life.