Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Lorax

My grandson, Mr. Little Man, will be three in a couple of weeks and Grandaddy and I plan to visit over President's Day weekend. I knew I wanted to take cookies with me and tried to think of something that would make him smile that matched some of his current interests. When his mama mentioned that he liked "The Lorax" movie, I was reminded of the Lorax cookies that Callye at Sweet Sugarbelle made when the movie first came out. I used the fish cookie cutter, as she did, but mine didn't turn out as 'fuzzy' looking as hers because I thinned the icing too much:

[photo credit: Russell Cook]

These are now residing in the deep freeze wrapped in foil and sealed tight in Tupperware until we leave for West Tennessee. Colors of sky blue, golden yellow, orange and white make this a cheerful set. I wish my character cookie had turned out better, but the birthday boy will know what it represents and, after all, it's just a cookie......

The Cookie Lady

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