Thursday, May 3, 2012


My first order for a character cookie...and she's a darling! I am vaguely familiar with the Olivia stories, just enough really to know that she is a bovine swine diva who loves to wear red. So I looked around blogdom to see if anyone else was doing Olivia and came across a set created by Anne at Flour Box Bakery. I loved the colors she used but didn't have enough confidence in my ability to do a full-on outline of Olivia, as Anne did. Instead, I chose to do a full face feature, along with assorted accompanying cookies:

These photos were taken in two different locations by two different photographers - thus, the difference in lighting [thank you's to Russell and Amy!]

Thank you, Linda, for the order! This was a fun set to create!

The Cookie Lady


  1. Olivia is pig, not a cow (bovine).

  2. I adore these! Olivia turned out so well.

  3. Yes, I know she is a pig...I think I needed a nap when I wrote this! Will make the correction.

  4. Oh those are so cute! Can't wait to see ours. And I promise to take super good pictures for you with them all set out at the party!

  5. I'm looking forward to working on your set, Rachel! Send me the party photos and I'll post a couple :)