Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thinking of Halloween

Cooler temps around here have me in the mood to create something a little more 'fun' and 'fall-ish'. Now that I'm unpacking the cookie supplies [although they don't have a permanent home in the kitchen yet], I thought I would try my hand at a design based on Callye's [Sweet Sugarbelle] recent owl cookie tutorial. I DID do owls but used different cookie cutters than she did - see if you can spot these shapes: lion's head, man in the moon, bell, bat.

My owls are in costume for Halloween, with masks and one sporting a nose disguise! I loved the polka dots that Callye used so I added those to my set.

These will be going out FedEx tomorrow to friends...hope they arrive unbroken!

The Cookie Lady


  1. Thanks! Even your dad said so; I'm pleased with how they turned out.