Sunday, March 11, 2012


Legos have been a big part of life in this household...our son started out with Duplos [the 'big' Legos] as soon as his hands were big enough to manage putting them together, then graduated up to Legos in all kinds of colors and packages and themes, from small boxes to one memorable massive 300+ piece box. So it was only natural that when he recently celebrated his birthday, a box of Legos in the Star Wars series was included in the birthday box...along with these:

I was inspired by Callye at Sweet Sugarbelle after seeing what she had recently done with a Lego cookie theme.

Happy 25th, Matt! I'm thankful that you're still a kid at's more fun that way!



  1. And they taste great, too! (The cookies, that is...)

  2. I'm enjoying your cookie photos while waiting at the airport for my flight home for spring break...impressive!