Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Celebrations

Last week was my friend Rebecca's birthday and, being in a springtime frame of mind, I made cookies for her along that line. Daisies and tulips are some of my favorite flowers, so I gave her a 'bouquet' of these spring favorites:

Plus there had to be birthday cake, right? [I didn't put as many candles as her age...wink, wink ;)   That's what friends are for....right?].

Would love to create a birthday tray for anyone having a special day coming up this spring!

The Cookie Lady


  1. Thank you! They were fun to make!

  2. Mom loved is nice to see what they looked like...fantastic!

  3. Heather! So glad to hear from you...thank you for looking at my blog. I didn't know you were coming home; hope you have a wonderful time :)