Friday, March 23, 2012

Red, White and Blue

I felt like playing this week with leftover red, white and blue royal icing from a cookie project I had just finished [royal icing never goes bad], and whipped up some chocolate sugar cookies from my favorite recipe by Valerie Peterson out of her book "Cookie Craft" with the addition of one tablespoon of chocolate syrup. The icing colors are somewhat muted, giving these an Americana look [but not THIS muted in real life...I took these photos with my phone]. My inspiration for paisley came from Callye at Sweet Sugarbelle:

Remembering that my grandson - Little Man - loves airplanes, I made sure that I cut out some chocolate airplanes to take this weekend:

Look, Little Man! Your airplanes are coming in for a landing! And, oddly enough, they all seem to have smiles...

The Cookie Lady [a/k/a MiMom]


  1. That was quick! :) Guess I should have made more, huh?!